Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attack of the Ukes

During the time alotted for personal research I have been finding cigar box ukuleles that are inspring me to make my own and the techniques people use to make them.  Above is a colossal collection of some homemade ukes. It is a proper representation of how interesting/intricate/unique these instruments can be.

I have also found the steps I need to make in order to begin my journey:
1. Talk to an expert in the field about the first steps I should take.
2. Go from there.

I plan on venturing up to Sam Ash, A super music store selling everything from bongos to Cellos, and talking to an employee who knows a lot about guitars and ukuleles .(Seeing as the 2 instruments have an immense amount of things in common in regards to the structure).

My biggest challenge I forsee in the future is getting all of the right pieces to make a legitimate ukulele. But I can do it.

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