Monday, February 7, 2011


For my Senior capstone project I am going to create something that I will cherish and enjoy; I am going to make a Ukulele using a cigar box. People who have a career in music know a lot about Ukuleles and how they are structured. I can interview Mr. Frank from the music department for the music aspect. He is also my guitar teacher having taken Guitar 1 and currently taken guitar 2. Also, I can go to Mehas Music or Sam Ash and interview someone who is an expert in ukuleles to find out everything I need to know to make a sufficient instrument.  Within a peer group my role will be to help with everyone elses project as much as I can and also asking them to help me with mine. This reciprocity will help our group run smoothly and effectively My end product will be an authentic, homemade ukulele that I can actually play music on.  I imagine that presentation night will be me talking about all of the steps I went through to in order to complete the Ukulele.  So far this class has excited me because it’s giving me the opportunity to do something that I’ve never done before.,,, Steven Miller, 2009

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